Please help me continue to go to school.

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Guinea - the first French colony to declare independence.

Guinea's rich and vibrant culture relies on loving families, the wisdom of their beloved griot elders, and a brilliant musical tradition which has spawned a nation of virtuosi. Even though June 2010 marked its own independent democratic elections, Guinea has inspired other struggling nations ravished like itself by centuries of colonial oppression and slavery. On its path to independence it has stimulated an intellectual African solidarity that paralleled the Civil Rights Movement in America. However, Guinea’s economy and unique cultural traditions are continually in jeopardy due to the country’s desperate struggle with endless political crises. Historically ruled by a series of dictators, the Guineans suffered crushing disappointment as each new leader’s promises turned into corruption or cruelty. After a spate of recent massacres and brutal governmental crackdowns - including mass rape - public outcry and international pressure helped to stabilize the situation and to set up conditions for the first independent and monitored democratic election in Guinean history. Guineans are finally emerging from these setbacks with a sense of real hope and practical readiness, starting over again despite severe food shortages and no safety net.

In this landscape of needs and hopes, EcoGuinea has chosen a specific target to help, namely, assuring school age girls can secure a path to higher learning. If this is your goal too, please donate to their cause.